Program Highlights :
  1. Training Program based on Real-time Scenarios & designed to face DBA Interviews.
  2. Its an purely Module-wise practical training with Hands-on Lab Practicals, Questionnaire & Tests to build the confidence.
  3. Eligible for who already completed DBA & RAC training programs from any Institute, and searching for DBA job.
  4. Additional theory sessions will be covered on few advance topics.

Program Details :

2 Months Program   - 1 to 4 modules will be covered
3 Months Program   - 1 to 6 modules will be covered

Module 1: 
Oracle Architecture, Software Installations, DB Creation, Space Mgmt, Instance Mgmt, User Mgmt, Undo Mgmt, Temporary TS Mgmt, Oracle Networking & more...

Module 2: 
DB Logical Backups, Physical Bkups, Backup strategy, Complete, Incomplete, PITR scenarios, Archive Mgmt, Space Mgmt, Backups Mgmt, RMAN Utility, Catalog DB & more...

Module 3:               
ADR, AWR, ADDM, ASH, Optimizer Statistics, Execution Plan, Tkprof, SQLPlus Trace, High Availability using Dataguard, Dataguard broker, Configuring, Managing & Troubleshooting Dataguard, Configuring & Managing Multi-tenant DB & More...

Module 4:
Grid Installation & ASM Administration, DB Cloning, Different Methods of Cloning, Patching Database, Upgrading DB & more...

Module 5:
Using OEM and managing Oracle DB, Monitoring DB activity using OEM, Shell scripting, Basic Programs for monitoring Database, Configuring alert mechanism using Shell Scripting, & more...

Module 6:
Oracle RAC Installation, Clusterware Administration, Troubleshooting Clusterware, Services, High availability of Connections and third party applications, Installaing & managing Flex Cluster, RAC DB Administration & more..