Course Overview

What will you learn?

  • What is and why Data Science?
  • Need for Data Science & Data Scientists in the 21st Century?
  • Knowledge of Statistics & Probability
  • Convert Real life problems to Machine Learning Problems
  • Programming Hands-on Knowledge on R, Python, SQL Basics
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Mining
  • Case Studies on Machine Learning and Text Mining to understand and develop a sense of Industry approach
  • Neural Networks

Benefits :

  • Get a solid understanding and hands-on knowledge of several tools and techniques in Data Science to be industry ready.
  • Will be able to pursue any add-on certifications that need good understanding of Data Science, to meet the industry's requirements of having certified professionals.
  • Ready to tackle problems from a wide variety of perspective and perception.

Who should go for this training?
The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Anyone who are willing to transform their careers for Sexiest Job of 21st Century

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

  • Laptop/Desktop with at least 8 GB of RAM, good capacity Hard Drives and good internet connectivity.
  • No programming knowledge needed, foundational knowledge will be provided.

Course Overview

Course Content

  • Discuss what Data Science is, need for Data Science/Scientists
  • Discuss Foundations of Data Science, Data Science vs Business Intelligence
  • Get familiar with the Terminologies in Data Science such as Data Mining, Machine Learning.
  • Understand different types of Analytics in Data Science
  • Get a feel of Analytics Project Lifecycle
  • Understand types of Data – Nominal, Ordinal, Numerical, Categorical data.
  •  Understand the sources, storage.
  •  Understand Data Quality, Changes and Data Quality Issues.
  • Recap of Statistics and Probability basics starting from basic coin toss experiments.
  •  Get familiar with Probability Terminologies.
  •  Understand types of probability – Conditional, Marginal and Joint probabilities, Random Variables, Probability Distributions – Normal, Gaussian distributions.
  •  Statistical Tests – t-test, F-test, Chi-Square test.
  •  Probability of  Success, probability of failure, Odds Ratio, ROC Curve.
  • Why Statistics and Probability?
  •  Measurements of Data, categorization of Data in depth.
  •  Understand Statistical Terminologies – mean, median, mode, Standard Deviation, Correlation Coefficients, population, sample.
  •  Different statistical metrics – what to use and when?
  •  Distance Metrics – Euclidean, Manhattan.
  •  Standard Deviation, Variance, Bias-Variance Trade-off – Underfitting, Overfitting.
  •  Outlier Analysis – What and how to spot Outliers, Inter-Quartile Range, Box & Whisker plot, Scatter plot, Cook’s Distance.
  •  Correlation – Pearson Correlation, Positive & Negative Correlation.
  •  Confusion Matrix – Precision, Recall, Specificity, F1 Score.
  •  Regression Error Metrics – MSE, RMSE, MAE,MAPE.
  • Why learn R?, Intro to RStudio, Installation and Walkthrough
  •  Importance of R in Statistics and Probability, Operations using R
  •  R Basics such as loops, data types, etc.,
  •  Data Import and Manipulation in R
  •  Exploratory Data Analysis using R
  •  Data Visualization in R, Reading and Writing data from/to files using R programming.
  • Python Overview, Python IDEs, Installation of Anaconda and Walkthrough
  •  Keywords, variables, Built-in functions, intro to Pandas, numpy libraries
  •  Operations using Python, Python Basics such as loops, data types, etc.,
  •  Data import using Python, Data Manipulation in Python
  •  EDA using Python, Data Visualization, Reading and Writing data from/to files using Python programming.
  • What is data visualization?, Understand Importance of Data Visualization, Good vs Bad Data Visualization
  •  Get to know the Tools and languages for Data Visualization, Best Practices for Data Visualization, Intro to Tableau for Data Science
  •  Data Analysis using Python, Tableau

  • Intro to SQL, basics of SQL
  •  Advanced SQL
  • Overview of Machine Learning, types of learning techniques
  •  Applications of ML, Advantages of moving to ML over traditional processes
  •  Discussion and hands-on over numerous Machine Learning Techniques: 
  •  Supervised Learning: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, Random Forests, K-Nearest Neighbours.
  •  Unsupervised Learning - K-Means, Clustering
  •  What algorithm to choose when?

Busting common myths about Data Science and Data Science jobs in organizations.

  • Introduction and overview of Text Mining
  • Different kinds of Analyses – Discussion and Lab: Data Cleaning, Bag of Words, TFIDF, Sentiment Analysis.
  • Introduction, Evolution and Advantages of Neural Networks
  • Understand when are neural networks better over ML and vice-versa.
  • Understand when and how to use Neural Networks.
  • Discussion and hands-on of multiple kinds of Neural Networks: Perceptron, MLP, ANN, CNN, RNN.
  • Working with Images using CNN.

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

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Online Training

Online Training

Learn from anywhere over internet, joining the live sessions delivered by our expert trainers.

Self-Pace Training

Self-Pace Training

Learn through pre-recorded video sessions delivered by experts with your own pace and timing.

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Live Sessions by expert trainer

50 hrs session recorded videos

Study and Practice course material

Lab practice environment (dedicated machine)

Help for preparing lab setup in students laptop
Guidance for oracle certification exams
100% learning satisfaction guaranteed

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