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18 Days


27 Hrs


Reading and LAB guide

Online LAB

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Course Overview

What will you learn?

  • Identify the major structural components of the Oracle Database 12c
  • Create reports of aggregated data
  • Write SELECT statements that include queries
  • Retrieve row and column data from tables
  • Run data manipulation statements (DML) in Oracle Database 12c
  • Create tables to store data
  • Utilize views to display data
  • Control database access to specific objects
  • Manage schema objects
  • Display data from multiple tables using the ANSI SQL 99 JOIN syntax
  • Manage objects with data dictionary views
  • Write multiple-column sub-queries
  • Employ SQL functions to retrieve customized data
  • Use scalar and correlated sub-queries
  • Create reports of sorted and restricted data

Who should go for this training?
The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Developer
  • Systems Administrator

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Basic Computer Knowledge

Course Overview

Course Content

Brief History of SQL

Relational Databases

        - Tables

        - Rows

        - Columns

        - Relationships

        - Datatypes

        - Primary Keys

        - Foreign Keys

        - Relational Database Management System

Popular Databases

        - Commercial Databases

        - Popular Open Source Databases

        - Valid Object References

SQL Statements

        - Database Manipulation Language (DML)

        - Database Definition Language (DDL)

        - Database Control Language (DCL)

Introduction to the Northwind Database

Some Basics

        - Comments

        - Whitespace and Semi-colons

        - Case Sensitivity

SELECTing All Columns in All Rows

Exploring the Tables

SELECTing Specific Columns

Sorting Records

        - Sorting By a Single Column

        - Sorting By Multiple Columns

        - Sorting By Column Position

        - Ascending and Descending Sorts

The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols

        - Checking for Equality

        - Checking for Inequality

        - Checking for Greater or Less Than

        - Checking for NULL

        - WHERE and ORDER BY

Using the WHERE clause to check for equality or inequality

Using the WHERE clause to check for greater or less than

Checking for NULL

Using WHERE and ORDER BY Together

The WHERE Clause and Operator Words

        - The BETWEEN Operator

        - The IN Operator

        - The LIKE Operator

        - The NOT Operator


Checking Multiple Conditions

        - AND

        - OR

        - Order of Evaluation

Writing SELECTs with Multiple Conditions

Calculated Fields

        - Concatenation

        - Mathematical Calculations

        - Aliases

Calculating Fields

Aggregate Functions and Grouping

        - Aggregate Functions

        - Grouping Data

        - Selecting Distinct Records

Working with Aggregate Functions

Built-in Data Manipulation Functions

        - Common Math Functions

        - Common String Functions

        - Common Date Functions

Data Manipulation Functions



        - Table Aliases

        - Multi-table Joins

Using Joins

Outer Joins


        - UNION ALL

        - UNION Rules

Working with Unions

Conditional Processing with CASE


Student Challenges - Design your own reports

Introduction to Users and Schemas

        - Definitions and Client Tools

        - SQL Developer Login

About the HR Schema

        - Sample Schemas

        - HR Schema Entities

Creating An Application Schema

Exercise: Create a User

  • Using The Dual Table
  • Functions
  • Exercise: Use the SYSCONTEXT function
  • Pseudo-Columns
  • Using Rowid
  • Using Rownum
  • Exercise: Use ROWNUM

Simple Subqueries

        - Definition

        - Nested Subquery

Inline Views

        - Subquery in the HAVING clause

Correlated Subqueries

Scalar Subquery

Exercise: Subqueries

  • Review of Joins
  • Equijoins

        - Inner Joins

        - Outer Joins

  • Cross Joins
  • Reflexive Join
  • Non-Key Join
  • Natural Joins
  • Semijoins and Antijoins
  • Using Named Subqueries
  • Exercise: Join Exercises
  • About Group Processing
  • Simple GROUP BY
  • ROLLUP Function
  • GROUPING Function
  • Using Cube
  • Exercise: Practice GROUP BY, ROLLUP and CUBE
  • Set Operators Defined
  • Relationship to Mathematical Set Theory
  • Restrictions on Set Operators
  • Exercise: Set Operators Exercise

The DECODE Function

The Case Expression

Exercise: Conditional Processing

What Are SQL Functions?

Character Functions

        - CONCAT

        - LENGTH

        - INSTR

        - REPLACE

        - UPPER

        - LOWER

        - INITICAP

        - LPAD

        - RPAD

        - TRIM

        - TO_CHAR

        - SOUNDEX

Regular Expressions

Exercise: Character Functions

  • Numeric Functions

        - The TO_CHAR Function with numbers

  • Date/Time Functions
  • Date Format Functions
  • Date Arithmetic Functions
  • Null Value Functions
  • Exercise: SQL Non-Character Functions
  • The INSERT Statement

        - INSERT Statement Categories

  • The UPDATE Statement
  • The DELETE Statement
  • Transactions
  • Complex Table References
  • The MERGE statement
  • Exercise: Data Manipulation Language (DDL)
  • Prerequisites

        - File Naming Conventions

  • Connecting to Oracle

        - SQL*Developer

        - SQL*Plus

  • Executing PL/SQL Code
  • SQL Developer Configuration
  • The PL/SQL Development Cycle
  • PL/SQL Block
  • Anonymous Block Structure
  • Named Block Structure
  • Executing Blocks
  • Calling PL/SQL Functions
  • Executing PL/SQL Blocks and Functions
  • Variable Usage
  • Variable Data Types
  • Variable Naming
  • Variable Assignment

        - Variable Display

  • Complex Variable Types
  • More Information
  • Variable Declaration, Initialization and Display

Conditional Processing

        - The IF Statement

        - The CASE Statement

Iterative Processing

        - The LOOP Statement

        - The WHILE Statement

        - The FOR Statement

Salary Classification using Conditional Statements

Salary Increases using Loops

  • Overview of Exceptions
  • Causing System Generated Exceptions
  • Handling System Generated Exceptions
  • Identifying System Generated Exceptions
  • OTHERS Exception Handler
  • User Defined Exceptions
  • Exception Handling for Invalid Salary
  • Implicit Cursors
  • %TYPE and %ROWTYPE Attributes
  • Cursors Attributes
  • Implicit Cursor
  • Explicit Cursors
  • Explicit Cursor
  • Cursor FOR loop
  • Nesting Blocks
  • Scope of Variables
  • Scope of Exceptions
  • Nested Subprograms
  • Exception Propagation in Nested Blocks
  • Block Variable Visibility
  • Anonymous blocks
  • Types of Subprograms
  • Finding Subprograms through SQLDeveloper
  • Finding Subprograms in the Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Object Dependencies
  • Subprogram information in the Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Creating Subprograms
  • Modifying Subprograms
  • Removing Subprograms
  • Application Maintenance
  • Exercise Title
  • Parameters
  • Cursors as Parameters
  • Subprogram Development Techniques
  • Addressing Compilation Errors
  • Directives for Debugging
  • Issues with Booleans
  • Integrated Development Environments
  • PL/SQL Subprograms with Parameters
  • Structure of Packages
  • Purpose of Packages
  • Wrap Utility
  • Positional vs Named Parameter Notation
  • Subprograms Omitted from Specifications
  • Using PL/SQL Packages
  • Purpose of Triggers
  • Invocation of Triggers
  • Coding Triggers
  • Validation Trigger
  • Modifying Triggers
  • Viewing Triggers
  • Enabling/Disabling Triggers
  • Trigger Errors
  • System and User Event Triggers
  • Logon Counter Trigger
  • Cursor Review
  • Cursor Parameters
  • Cursor Variables
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Employee Report by State/Province

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Lives interactive sessions delivered in our classroom by our expert trainers with real-time scenarios.

Online Training

Learn from anywhere over internet, joining the live sessions delivered by our expert trainers.

Self-Pace Training

Learn through pre-recorded video sessions delivered by experts with your own pace and timings

For Coporate Training, We provide customized content and delivered by industry experts with complete practical demonstration, discussions and exercises based on practical use cases.

Our Key Highlights

Unique Benefits included in this training

  • BEST TRAINER : OCM Certified, 22 Yrs exp and delivered more than 350 batches
  • QUALITY CONTENT : More content including advance features covered better in Industry
  • ONLINE LAB : Online Server access provided for doing your LAB practices
  • BEST PRICE : Affordable and best competitive price in the market
  • RECORDINGS : High-quality sessions recordings access for referring multiple times
  • REALTIME SCENARIOS : Training contains projects on Real-time Scenarios to gain more confidence
Key Benefits

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This Course Includes:
  • Delivered by our experts having 22 yrs exp
  • 18 Virtual online sessions
  • Access for 27 Hrs of Recorded videos
  • Reading material and Lab activity guide
  • 24x7 dedicated online AksWave server access
  • 30 Hrs of Lab practices
  • 100% practical-oriented classes
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance
  • Get certificate on course completion
  • Job assistance
  • Technical support thru chat and email

8:00am to 9:30am IST

22 Days (Mon-Fri)


8:00am to 9:30am IST

22 Days (Mon-Fri)


8:00am to 9:30am IST

22 Days (Mon-Fri)

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This Course Includes:
  • Access for 27 Hrs of Recorded videos
  • Reading material and Lab activity guide
  • 24x7 dedicate online AksWave server access
  • 30 Hrs of Lab practices
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance
  • Technical support thru chat and email


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Manoj Kumar

2 years ago

I recently took Oracle RAC training from Akswave. Akal Sir is one of the best teacher for Oracle RAC. I learned lot of concepts, understood well and he cleared many of my doubts too. His explanation and presentation is better and easy to understand. About online Lab environment its good and the Co-ordinators are very helpful in clearing my doubts. I personally enjoyed and learned many new things in AKSWAVE.

Ravi Krishna

3 years ago

I have taken classes from Akswave Oracle Training and I gained excellent knowledge in Oracle DBA , Oracle RAC and APPs from there. I recommend people who wants better future in Oracle DBA, join Akswave. Lets see when the GoldenGate classroom training will start, I like to join.

Azjad Hussain

3 years ago

Akswave Oracle Training is one of the best institute in Ameerpet, comparing to other institutes in terms of Lab Infrastructure , helping nature faculties and the amazing skilled Mr Akal singh. Now waiting for cloud training to be started.

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