18 yrs exp


30 Days


45 Hrs


Reading and LAB guide

Online LAB

Server 24x7 available

Course Overview

What will you learn?

  • To understand and manage the Oracle Database Architecture
  • To be able to manage and monitor to running of an Oracle Database 12c instance
  • To understand how to manage network connections, security, and privileges on an Oracle Database 12c database
  • To understand how to use manage tablespaces and undo data
  • Use the Data Recovery Advisor to diagnose and repair failures.
  • Use Oracle Flashback Technologies to recover from human error.
  • Perform an encrypted database backup and restore.
  • Perform tablespace point-in-time recovery.
  • Understand the multitenant architecture
  • Understand regular and application pluggable databases
  • Create and manage a multitenant container database and pluggable databases
  • Manage storage within a multitenant container database and pluggable databases
  • Manage security within a multitenant container database and regular and application pluggable database

Who should go for this training?
The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Administrator
  • Architect
  • Database Administrator

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Oracle DBA

Course Overview

Course Content

  • Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Proprietary ERP Software
  • Origin of ERP
  • Systematic approach for Installing Oracle Apps 11i & R12 (Single Node & Multi Node)
  • Installation of Operating System
  • Pre-requisites configuration on OS before installing Apps 12.2
  • Installation of Oracle Apps 12.2.x (Vision, Info on Fresh database Install, Upgrade mode Installation, Express Install)
  • Post steps after Apps installation
  • Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite as an ERP Solution,
  • Components / Product-Lines,
  • How Oracle Applications Works and related Terminology.
  • Deep Dive into Oracle Applications file systems (FS1- Run file system, FS2- Patch file system, FS_NE - Non Editioned file system, Shared APPL_TOP)
  • Deep Dive into Oracle Apps 12.2.x Database Layout (APPS, APPLSYS, APPLSYSPUB, APPS_NE,GUEST etc.)
  • Root (OPMN, Node Manager)
  • Admin (Admin Server)
  • Web Entry Point (HTTP)
  • Batch Processing Services
  • Other Services
  • Different Topologies in Oracle Applications
  • 3-Tier Architecture
  • Single Node Architecture
  • Multi Node Architecture
  • Password Changing Activity in Oracle Applications 12.2.x (FNDCPASS, WebLogic Console, WebLogic Data source.
  • APPS Password Encryption Info & dependency)
  • Context file
  • Driver files
  • template files
  • configuration files
  • context editor
  • Customizations using Autoconfig
  • Customization using autoconfig templates
  • HTTP Server and its Changed behavior in 12.2.x (Connection Redirection with mod_wl_ohs.conf, apps.conf, httpd.conf etc.,)
  • Lifecycle of Concurrent Requests, Request sets, Defining custom managers, Internal Monitor, Generic Service Manager,Transaction Managers) Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) in 12.2.x
  • Working with Profile options in 12.2.x(Site Level, org level, resp level, server level, user level, hierarchy, visibility of profile options)

  • Autoconfig, FMW Control or EM Console, WebLogic Admin Console, Context editor

  • System Management using OAM (OAM Dashboard, Sitemap, system monitoring, diagnostic tools in OAM)

  • Anatomy of a patch, Patch wizard
  • PREPARE- In depth of Prepare Phase
  • APPLY - In depth of Apply Phase with all options, HOT PATCH, DOWNTIME MODE
  • Trouble shooting ADOP
  • Working with Patching tools (OPATCH, Smart Update (BSU) 
  • Cloning Oracle applications in 12.2.x(Rapid clone)
  • Advanced Cloning options in 12.2.x (Single-Node Cloning, Multinode Cloning, Cloning issues/Fixes)
  • Troubleshooting / Performance Tuning - (Proactive, Reactive Tuning, DB Tuning with parameters, Introduction to database statistics) Wait-Events in Oracle Applications database, Troubleshooting a long running request in Oracle
  • Applications 12.2.x) Troubleshooting/Performance tuning WebLogic Managed Servers (OACORE, OAFM, FORMS_SERVER,
  • Admin Server, Node Manager) Troubleshooting/Performance Concurrent Manager, Gather stats
  • Upgrade Oracle Applications from 12.2.0 to 12.2.4

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Lives interactive sessions delivered in our classroom by our expert trainers with real-time scenarios.

Online Training

Learn from anywhere over internet, joining the live sessions delivered by our expert trainers.

Self-Pace Training

Learn through pre-recorded video sessions delivered by experts with your own pace and timings

For Coporate Training, We provide customized content and delivered by industry experts with complete practical demonstration, discussions and exercises based on practical use cases.

Our Key Highlights

Unique Benefits included in this training

  • BEST TRAINER : OCP Certified, 18 Yrs exp and delivered more than 220 batches
  • QUALITY CONTENT : More content including advance features covered better in Industry
  • ONLINE LAB : Online Server access provided for doing your LAB practices
  • BEST PRICE : Affordable and best competitive price in the market
  • RECORDINGS : High-quality sessions recordings access for referring multiple times
  • REALTIME SCENARIOS : Training contains projects on Real-time Scenarios to gain more confidence
Key Benefits

Upcoming Batches


This Course Includes:
  • Delivered by our experts having 18 yrs exp
  • 30 Virtual online sessions
  • Access for 45 Hrs of Recorded videos
  • Reading material and Lab activity guide
  • 24x7 dedicated online AksWave server access
  • 55 Hrs of Lab practices
  • 100% practical-oriented classes
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance
  • Get certificate on course completion
  • Job assistance
  • Technical support thru chat and email

11:00am to 12:30pm IST

30 Days (Mon-Fri)


11:00am to 12:30pm IST

30 Days (Mon-Fri)


11:00am to 12:30pm IST

30 Days (Mon-Fri)

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This Course Includes:
  • Access for 45 Hrs of Recorded videos
  • Reading material and Lab activity guide
  • 24x7 dedicate online AksWave server access
  • 55 Hrs of Lab practices
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance
  • Technical support thru chat and email


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Our trainer is an OCP certified consultant and has significant amount of experience in working with the technology, having 14yrs of experience.

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For practical execution, our trainer/technical team will provide server access details to the student.

Yes. We do provide the step-by-step document which you can follow and if required our technical team will assist you.

Live-Online training is where you can have live session with the trainer and clarify queries parallely.

Pre-recorded sessions are the recorded videos that will be provided to you that you can see, listen and learn anytime at ur feasible place. For doubts in the videos you can mail the trainer regarding the same.

You can contact our support team, or just drop an email to with your queries.

The course material and recorded videos which are provided during the course period. You can download it anytime.

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* If request for cancelation is made within 2 days of enrolment for class, 100% refunded.

* If request made after 2 days, then Refund is made after deduction of administration fee.

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Manoj Kumar

2 years ago

I recently took Oracle RAC training from Akswave. Akal Sir is one of the best teacher for Oracle RAC. I learned lot of concepts, understood well and he cleared many of my doubts too. His explanation and presentation is better and easy to understand. About online Lab environment its good and the Co-ordinators are very helpful in clearing my doubts. I personally enjoyed and learned many new things in AKSWAVE.

Ravi Krishna

3 years ago

I have taken classes from Akswave Oracle Training and I gained excellent knowledge in Oracle DBA , Oracle RAC and APPs from there. I recommend people who wants better future in Oracle DBA, join Akswave. Lets see when the GoldenGate classroom training will start, I like to join.

Azjad Hussain

3 years ago

Akswave Oracle Training is one of the best institute in Ameerpet, comparing to other institutes in terms of Lab Infrastructure , helping nature faculties and the amazing skilled Mr Akal singh. Now waiting for cloud training to be started.

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